Rules for the forum

By posting here you agree to follow these rules:
  1. Be polite. No flaming or harassing of other members.
  2. Try not to clutter the board.
    1. ) Before you ask a question, check the famitracker help file, the wiki, or even google.
    2. ) Before posting a new thread, check to see that there isn't already a thread on the same topic.
    3. ) Before posting a reply, think "Is what I'm about to post helpful in any way?" If not, then don't post.
    4. ) Spend time on your post. Be clear, specific, and include an example if you think it would be helpful.
    5. ) Don't over-post. Make fewer, high quality posts rather than many quick/sloppy posts.
    6. ) Read posts carefully before responding.
    7. ) Try to avoid posting multiple times in a row. Edit your last post instead.
  3. Commercial advertising is not allowed.
  4. Uploading or posting of illegal or copyrighted material without permission is strictly prohibited.
  5. Before posting in an old thread, look at the last post's date. If it's one month old (or older) & you have no valuable information to add, don't post anything.
  6. Keep signatures clean. No enlarged text, quotes etc.
  7. Do not create multiple accounts.
Violations of these rules might result in a warning or account suspension if necessary!
Please report any inappropriate behavior to the forums staff.