FamiTracker Review: The Pioneering Period

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FamiTracker Review: The Pioneering Period

Postby womo » Fri Jul 15, 2016 7:19 am

Good evening, everyone. Welcome to "FamiTracker Review".
FamiTracker is a famous music tracker of Famicom/NES music with convient features and a long history since 2004. During the last decade, there're countless musicians made their awesome NES music works on this excellent software. It is also ported to the global and known by people all over the Earth.
But, do you know when it starts and what it looks like in the past? Today I'll gonna take you back to the past, to obtain its old times.

0.2.2 beta, this is the lowest version we can discover, the earlier history was buried in the deep ocean of the Internet no one known.

Compiled with Visual Studio 2003, only 431KB size, this little thing is quite small than softwares nowadays. I tried to lauch it after cleaning the dirt, surprisingly it is Windows 98 capable.

However, it cannot be launched in Winodws 95 due to the limited DirectX version OS supported made it report error, and the interface is quite ugly because of the lack of fonts in the system of a different language.


The main window is quite similar to the newest version, but much simpler.
There are only two visualizations, logo and wave.
The instrument list background is white instead of black, all the panels don't have right clicking context menus, so the add, remove and edit instrument buttons are directly located on the panel. They're quite blunt as you can only add the basic 2A03 instruments. For that reason the bottom status bar has no chip identifier either.
You can't save the instrument to an FTI file since it's not implemented yet.
The frame editor looks crude that more like a ancient program. Pattern selecting operation is much limited and monotonous.
However, the clickable channel head tag has been implemented in this version, you can click on them to mute channels, their texts just truned red from yellow.

All the menus are quite simpler, and when you call out them, the player would play a halt sound effect rather than pause, which makes your ear very annoying. All the menus don't contain numbers of subitems that exceeds 10.
Album doesn't exist, each FTM file can only contain one song, Module menu has only two options, "Insert Frame" and "Delete Frame"

There's no mixer, no color schemes, no shortcut settings etc, each setting subject is a separate window rather than grouped in property sheet.

NSF is the only format can be exported, but the exporter is tiny and easy to use.

Instrument Editor has a different primordial graphic meter and it's stripe is out of bounds.
DPCM Edit panel has little changes to the newest version, as you would expect, the wave editor was not borned at that time.

Another window that keeps unchanged till now. The CPU usage percentage indecates that my old computer would explode.

The help document of FamiTracker, look how rare the indexes are, these few chapters described all the features FamiTracker had at that time.

That's the whole stuff FamiTracker 0.2.2 beta has, time flies like a horse and FamiTracker was huge improved. Now it has rich functions and loads of features. The legend of Famicom music continues, its sound comes up from the hoary sky, across riding over the time, and echos in the boundless ground. That concluded today's programme, Thank you for watching and good night. See you next time.

Old softwares never die, they just fade away.

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Re: FamiTracker Review: The Pioneering Period

Postby ImATrackMan » Fri Jul 15, 2016 7:36 pm

What did he mean by this?
Slowly working on a thing called "FaMIGA".
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Re: FamiTracker Review: The Pioneering Period

Postby Roflo » Fri Jul 15, 2016 8:05 pm

Great article. Luckily famitracker is more advanced now than it was these days....