DMMC music engine for NES + 2 square waves

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DMMC music engine for NES + 2 square waves

Postby rainwarrior » Wed Aug 10, 2016 10:31 pm

A few days ago I made a little demo of a music engine designed to add 2 square waves to the NES sound without any expansion hardware.

It's sort of a compromise between MMC5 and 5B, you get 2 extra squares but no duty control.
Edit: It's basically just 2 VRC6 pulses (no saw). (1.17 MB)

Full source code is included, in case you want to see how it was made, or want to try to modify it.

I know SuperNSF basically already can do what this does (and more), but I wanted something that works easily with FamiTracker, and was lightweight and didn't depend on NSF banking, etc. like SuperNSF does. (Basically I made this as something that I could practically use in a real NES game's title screen.)

For the same reason, I'm not really looking for feature requests-- yes in theory almost anything could be added, but not without taking away from other properties I wanted it to have. (Might as well just use SuperNSF, which is great, BTW.) I'll listen to any suggestions though, especially bug reports. Did I say mention it's open source? Maybe you can customize your own version with extra stuff.

Feel free to try it out, and let me know what you think.