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FamiTracker mirror archive

Postby HertzDevil » Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:46 am

I am mirroring my FamiTracker build collection here. There are a few reasons of doing this:

  • Doing so helps maintain a version history of FamiTracker;
  • Many of these builds are scattered all over the internet and difficult to find;
  • This domain, as well as ones that host other builds, might expire.
This archive is still incomplete; if you have any build of FamiTracker whose NSF driver size is found below while exporting a 2A03 NSF, please send your build to me:

Code: Select all

3420   3458   3040   3166   3288   3323
3331   3333   3351   3642   3652   3670
3683   3788   4140   4177   4274   4308

Similarly, the source code releases of FamiTracker and its NSF driver have been archived here and here respectively; the former also includes snapshots of all known FamiTracker forks.
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