Community Collab Project - Mr. Driller 1

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Community Collab Project - Mr. Driller 1

Postby Drillimation » Sun Jan 22, 2017 2:02 pm

Hey, drillers!

I came up with a bright idea - we should cover the entire soundtrack of the first Mr. Driller game. Here are the rules:

[*]The only chips you are allowed to use are the 2A03 or FDS chips. Let's do this to make it feel like the game came out in 1986.
[*]You can only use the songs from the first game. They can either be from the arcade, GBC (Game Boy Color), or PS1/Dreamcast versions.

Here are the songs to be covered:
    1. Title Theme
    2. Menu Theme
    3. Mr. Driller's Theme (Stage 1) (use the Ardenten version)
    4. Georian (Stage 2) (use the original)
    5. Sala de Masala (Stage 3) (use the original)
    6. Cutie Saurs (Stage 4) (use the original)
    7. Sagittarius (Stage 5)
    8. Sweet Laboratory (Final Stage) (Use the arcade version. YouTube might not have the song uploaded, so you might have to use Hoot to get it.)
    9. Susumu Hori (High Score entry)
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