Multiple channel/arpeggio midi recording

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Multiple channel/arpeggio midi recording

Postby Gurgie » Fri Mar 31, 2017 4:33 pm


I just bought a midi keyboard (keystation mini 32 :P). I have both normal FT/0CC FT, help for any of these programs would be appreciated.

1) In configuration->midi->"Auto arpeggiate chords", I can make it auto arpeggiate chords. The problem is it plays them the way I want (the C+E+G does 047 effect), but it doesn't put the 0XX effect next to the notes, so the arpeggios aren't put into the song.

2) How to record to 2+ channels at once when pressing 2 keys at once? Say, I press C+E, and Pulse 1 gets C, Pulse 2 gets E. It works in 0CC FT preview, but still, you can't put notes into 2 channels at the same time.