hi. an explanation and an apology.

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Re: hi. an explanation and an apology.

Postby ollaxe » Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:17 pm

Yeah, it's a darn shame that it had to end up like this. Imagine if we had a world without theft. Wouldn't it be wonderful to not have to set up security cameras in stores, distrust people you don't know with the things you own, etc? Unfortunately, that's not the world we live in, and people like PPixellation are proof of that. However, I think it's beautiful that this seggregated community was able to come together like this and fight against plagiarism the way it did.

The outcome of all this may or may not have been for the best. I think it's good that a lot of artist took action to protect their works better. Obvioisly it's a shame that we need to do that to begin with, but it'll at least protect us better if something like this were to happen again in the future. However, I do think it's unfortunate that the openness of this community was damaged. It's likely that this will and that this has hindered new members from getting the feeback they need to improve since a lot of experienced artists left the forum in conjunction with this. I hope the people that are still here take care of each other and help each other despite this though. And to be fair, the community does still seem to be pretty strong in the discord server.

One good thing that came ouf of this though, even though it only really affects me, is that it happened to kickstart a new chapter in my still pretty meaningless music career, mostly thanks to Arin (or chimezard as his account here is called). Through him, I've met countless of artists and people whom I now consider good friends, and thanks to him I also joined another community which helped me move on to making the music I've always wanted to in FL Studio. And with a few huge things coming up in the next few weeks for me, I can't say that I would've been better off if this never happened, because I wouldn't have.

If anyone who was affected by this reads this post, I'm curious, how did things turn out for you? Did things turn out well like it did for me or did everything so to sh*t? Or did nothing change? I'm curious to read your perspective.
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