Midi to famitracker conversion

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Midi to famitracker conversion

Postby gnumaru » Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:48 pm

Is anyone interested in converting midi files to Famitracker's text export format? I have made three simple programs for this purpose and would like to share with you all. Since Famitracker (wisely, imho) dropped support for midi importing, external tools for this kind of conversion are needed.

The first one dumps a midi file to a textual representation


The second one takes this textual representation and parses it to a csv format so it can be easily parsed by any other software


And the third one takes this csv and converts it to famitrackers txt export format, so that it can be imported into famitracker:


I could easily have done everything in just one program (because the first two programs are just a few lines of code each), but doing it in three separate steps on separate programs makes it easier for others to make software that consumes those intermediate outputs.

The purpose of the third one is not to 'convert a finished midi piece and you're done', but just to ease the process of composing a tune. I made the tools for my personal use because I am already accustomed to writing sheet music, but find it rather slow to compose inside famitracker. Thus I can write my tunes in Musescore, export as midi, convert to Famitracker's plaintext format and import it for working only inside Famitracker onwards.

The first tool, mididump, has a dependency on another dll, NAudio, wich comes bundled together with it. But the other two have zero dependencies besides mono/.net itself. All of three are command line tools, and instructions for use are in the readme

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