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Looking for Volunteers to Help in Reference Tracks

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 4:56 pm
by Sinis
Hey there FamiTracker community!

Some of you may know me from the ROM hacking community over at RHDN, Metroid Contruction and/or Castlevania Dungeon as I am a ROM hacker, sprite artist and level designer. I am here to ask this entire community for help in searching for volunteers who want to lend a helping hand in creating VRC6 tracks for some ROM hacks and test around with an MMC5 track for another hack, Project Silver.

I'm not gonna lie. It is a ton of work with a lot of tracks involved. I am fully aware on how long VRC6 can take to make though I have no one to make these while one of my FamiTracker guys, nesfan, works on another project though he's kind of MIA too so not sure if I have to replace him or not for my MMC5 work :?:

Whoever works on these will be given 100% credit with their name in the credit screen section. I do have people who can use these reference tracks to fit them into the ROM itself though its just a matter of finding people who can lend me a hand.

I do have the FamiTracker sheets that were being worked on by nesfan though need someone to redo, add and create stuff from the work he left. I really do hope that no one tries to hold something for ransom as I have run into a few people that agreed to the volunteer work for only turn around and demand money for the stuff they did while others copied and pasted other people's work in which I am not after.

I am also trying to find volunteers to help out for Sephirous and my project, a joint project, Castlevania: Cadence of Agony Linear reboot, as there are songs on there that needs to be redone from what Optomon has made along with new tracks. I do have the sheet from what nesfan was working on so I can pass that along to someone that can dedicate their time into getting things made. We are waiting to get these tracks made along with Optomon to insert these into the ROM itself as he's been extremely patient in waiting for over a year for these to be passed onto him.

If anyone is interested in volunteering and dedicating their time into helping me and Sephirous out please inquire via this thread, PM or on my Discord via the link down below. Again, it is VOLUNTEER work and you will be credited for helping out. Whatever work is done please do not share them with anyone else but either me and Sephirous via private chat either here or towards me on Discord :)

...and before anyone tells me to learn this stuff, I have tried and learned that I do not have the patience with FamiTracker as I'll just stick to what I do best, spriting and level designing. Me and Sephirous need tons of help which is why I'm here asking around trying to find people so we can focus on our projects while other people are working towards said projects so things can be done faster :lol:

Re: Looking for Volunteers to Help in Reference Tracks

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 6:25 am
by Xyz
PM has been sent

Re: Looking for Volunteers to Help in Reference Tracks

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:47 am
by Sinis
I'm editing this post again to say I have abandoned the fact of trying to get any help for VRC6 as Xyz seems to have dropped off the planet after getting the FamiTracker modules from me. Don't know if I was suckered or what but if they wanted them they should have asked as I would have released it with no problems.

Going back to the U.S version due to this frustration.


I am editing this post so I do not post spam my own thread.

I have found help for Cadence of Agony so no need to apply anymore. I shall leave the original post below to let everyone know on what I am talking about :)


I appreciate the help that Xyz is offering. It does mean a lot!

One more thing to go which is finding someone to help with volunteer work on the Cadence of Agony Linear Reboot soundtrack. A few tracks need to be reworked while others need to be made. Here is where you can find it with a url link below.

This goes into detail on what has been done and what needs to be done. From my end, there needs to be 3 tracks redone in the manner of Dracula X style as I will give details about those later. I do have the FamiTracker module for that so no worries as I'll supply it. Like I've stated above, this is volunteer work with no profit sought out of the ROM project as it will be freeware. Also when you get in touch with me please do not share any of the songs with anyone except for myself and Sephirous.

With all due respect, I do not need people who are still learning how to do FamiTracker as I need experienced people. We are a year late of publishing this ROM hack so we would like to get things going at a decent pace so it can be released hopefully next year in 2019.

You can contact me via here by PM or on Discord as my info is down below in the signature section :)