Anyone have any tips on making originals?

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Re: Anyone have any tips on making originals?

Postby TechEmporium » Sat Aug 01, 2015 9:40 pm

Pencildragon's method is pretty much my method (look for anything to inspire an idea, write it down in music notation if you can, improvise on a common theme in multiple ways to end up with multiple tunes, choose one & build on that).

The thing is everyone has a different method or, if following similar methods to others, will have their own additions to such steps. The thing to remember is that it's similar to note-taking; all you're doing is collecting the ideas of others in order to form your own ideas. The problem comes in trying to convey those ideas in a way that others will understand (& this applies to all art forms, from music to literature & painting).

Personally, I use MuseScore to write down my thoughts into notation, or I do it by hand on paper. Other times, I just go straight into FamiTracker itself & create a theme (or revert to themes that I previously created or transcribed). If I'm stuck on trying to get something put together, I start a collaboration thread to see if anyone can give a possible idea to overcome a mental block (a good method to start a collaboration thread would be to make an FTM file with multiple tracks, where the first few tracks are the themes you've drawn inspiration from & the last track is what you can possibly muster from all your sources). Never underestimate the ideas of others & what they can possibly come up with, in spite of what little you may have created, because you can still build from the ideas of others.
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