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Re: Observations

Postby hip-indeed » Sun Aug 16, 2015 3:14 pm

Potentialing wrote:There seems to be a common trend with Danooct1's Kraid Tutorial though, which teaches some of the very basic FT stuff quickly via a short YouTube video, which is how I suspect most people end up learning... but then everything after that becomes a matter of word-of-mouth or self-studying. I feel like there isn't a reliable+organized+convenient way to learn FamiTracker: and if there is, then I think there isn't enough exposure/promotion for it from the actual website/community.

This... in a nutshell, this. As a newbie here I can confirm that the Kraid tutorial was my first introduction to just how exactly everything with famitracker works, and after watching it a couple times over the last few years and "thinking about it" it was again the first thing I went to after finally sitting down and deciding to learn and make a song or two with the program, still being the ONLY guide of its kind I can find anywhere. I really truly believe more guides of any sort, tutorials, etc. would be very very nice, really detailing absolutely anything, in text or video form or whatever, but...

Reading this thread, especially the first few posts, it seems that a lot of the people in these tracker/digital music-composing communities seem to firmly believe in just figuring out everything on your own and I seem to get the vibe that it's preferable even to come in with prior knowledge of how all this works from previous digital music/general music experience. But yeah, as has been said, a lot of us are looking to famitracker as our very first medium for digital music composition or anything like that; for me, personally, I've always just loved video game music and been fascinated more than anything else with the NES's sound chip and how, for whatever reasons, the music it produced sounded the best to me out of any kind of "chiptune". For years I've known about famitracker and wanted to start learning to compose with it, but there was such a wall there to "how does all this work? where do I even start?" with no real aid in climbing it that I could find besides that one kraid tutorial that I just kind of put it off.. and put it off... and so on.

Now, I'm finally getting my feet wet with it and really enjoying it, having a great time, and after just forcing myself to make a song or two I quickly learned a lot of basics between reading the wiki, googling some help (and getting links to the older versions of these very forums 90% of the time) and just experimenting -- though there's tons and tons of even very basic stuff I still know I need to learn, and I'm not even really sure how? It's vague stuff, like -- I'm struggling to decide which of the different modules "should" be used for any given song I try to cover, which module I should try to learn first, why anyone would even bother using anything other than VRC7 if they're going to use more channels than 2A03, etc. Lots and lots more questions I'd have a mind to ask but that's just one example. But there's no real place to ask it? There's no newbie section and it seems like, especially with a lot of stuff said in this thread, I'd be expected to have figured out almost everything on my own anyway, studying the seemingly pretty barebones wiki and documentation and looking at ftm's to see how other people did things which seems all well and good, but then I have kinda amorphous questions like that and don't feel like I really have a good place to post them?

Well, what I'm getting at is that maybe a newbie section of the forum would be an idea? For any idiotic kind of question as well as posting of songs by new users of the program could be helpful? Less-experienced composers would have a place they'd feel safe and 'correct' in posting anything or seeking help and the rest of the forum could stay clean of the kind of content that'd make people roll their eyes; the covers and originals sections could be more safely assumed to have stuff of a certain quality threshold in them and thus people like Gamma might be more inclined to check out most or all of the new content there (though I will admit the point at which people feel they should 'graduate' from the newbie section to the 'real' section may host a bit of a problem, but still); and there can be a more clear divide between newbies who need help and veterans who want a bit of attention to their good works and perhaps more rigid criticism?

That being said, I'll happily take any criticism that comes my way and won't be scared off; I've wanted to use this program for years and adored the 2A03's sounds itself for my entire life, and I definitely don't see myself "leaving for another community" until I've completely mastered this program, if even then. I want to learn and stick around long-term and make good things, and I'm sure there're at least a few other newbies floating around with similar ideas even if perhaps not all of them would make huge rambling posts about it all like this. I'm just shooting some ideas and giving my perspective as a new guy in this thread full of veterans.

tl;dr: More guides and tutorials with more exposure, as well as possibly a newbie subforum, could help things a lot. Also yeah the monthly compo thing sounds rad.