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Kirby's Adventure Instrument Pack

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 9:17 am
by HertzDevil
This is a module containing all 41 instruments ripped from Kirby's Adventure, using the exact instrument indices in the instrument names as they are represented internally. The module requires vanilla FamiTracker 0.2.6 (a mirror can be found here), since it is the last version that has the desired volume mixing; the next release started clipping the final volume to 1 if the mixed value is 0 but neither the track nor the instrument is muted, and 0.2.9 started using multiplicative mixing. Some notes:

  • Each instrument in Kirby's Adventure is represented by a pair of FT instruments, one for the sustain part, another for the release, because 0.2.6 did not have release envelopes yet. Seven instruments (01, 1D, 1F, 21, 24, 25, 26) do not have release parts because these are equivalent to note cuts. All pairings are presented in the module's first song.
  • All duty settings are fixed where given, but this does not matter since the Vxx effect was absent in 0.2.6.
  • In reality, none of the release parts would reset the current pitch or duty cycle of the instrument, but FamiTracker never has this capability, so they will be slightly inaccurate for instruments with vibrato or very short notes with a long duty sequence.
  • Instruments 1A and 1B also do not update the duty cycle in the sustain part. They must be duplicated as needed.
  • The following instruments are unused in the music: 03, 05, 06, 09, 0B, 0C, 11, 15, 1A, 1C, 1D, 20, 26. They might be found in sound effects.
  • DPCM pitches are only provisional. The sound engine does not bind pitches to DPCM samples.

Re: Post your instruments here!

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:19 pm
by PGCX864
The waveforms of all games using N163's extended sound source, made by Namco.
Also, FTM with 64 step waveforms requires the latest beta versions (0.5.0 BETA5 or later).

Re: Post your instruments here!

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 7:56 pm
by beachbum811
A VRC7 Chiff organ.
a bit of backstory to this. I'm making a VRC7 thing that the world isn't ready for yet. The two other times that I used VRC7 before, I just used the presets. Hence, I'm probably more proud of this than I should be. I think I still don't know how the whole custom preset thing works - I just copied the Soft Bell preset and messed with it. However, the quality of the end result surprised me so much that I wanted to show the world. So here it is.
Please tell me if it's terrible.

Re: Post your instruments here!

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:43 pm
by Herr Dethnout
Hello everybody, I make a Romantic Trumpet like Touhou games. :D

I'm sorry if anyone doesn't like it, is my first time making instruments for VRC7 and VRC6.

2A03 Sawtooth

Posted: Fri May 05, 2017 10:52 pm
by Yung Gotenks
I made a instrument that sounds like the Sawtooth for the VRC6 Chip, but I Recreated it for the 2A03. It's meant to be used for Bass, just like other games use sawtooth for.
This instrument is also intended to be played at octaves, 1, and 2.

Works with pulse channels from the 2A03 and the MMC5.

Re: Post your instruments here!

Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 12:01 am
by Xyz
Not supported?

Re: Post your instruments here!

Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 7:14 pm
by Yung Gotenks
Xyz wrote:Not supported?

What do you mean not supported? are you opening the instrument with beta 5 ot the Latest version of 0CC - Famitracker?

Re: Post your instruments here!

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 9:20 pm
by Yung Gotenks
Even though these probably suck, i'm posting this here anyway in case someone thinks these dont suck.
This is what i think VRC7 Instruments would sound like on 2A03.
This is my first time making an instrument pack, so sorry if it sucks.

Anyways, here's the 2A03 VRC7 Instrument pack.

I made it into a module for convenience.

Re: Post your instruments here!

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:00 pm
by djmaximum
Hummer team pack updated with some new instruments.
Update 09/06/18, fixed some tiny inaccuracies on some instruments

Re: Post your instruments here!

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 1:20 am
by MegaManBoss
my turn. d:

I'm using those instruments along with the preset VRC7 instruments for the OST of my upcoming RPG.