Companion utilities/resources thread!

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Companion utilities/resources thread!

Postby sirocyl » Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:30 am

Name here the tools and resources you couldn't live without, while working with FamiTracker and Famicom/NES music in general.
I'll amend this OP with your suggestions, and constantly be updating this list, so that we have a helpful place to keep track of our tools.
You can post any utility, no matter how obscure or obvious it is, as long as it helps you.
This thread is to help both newcomers and veterans alike.

A few ground rules:
  • Provide a link to the utility's/resource's page from its original source, if possible.
    Some utilities and resources are not to be re-distributed or hot-linked, so it's always best to link to their page.
  • If you must upload them somewhere, use a reputable site.
    If the original source might be down or lost, or you created it - go you! - use a site like Google Drive, Dropbox or your own server/site - no shady 'filelockers' or ad-filled upload sites (this includes MEGA and Mediafire!) please!
  • If you can't upload them elsewhere, for some reason, you can attach them here, but it's not recommended.
    Don't clog up the server!
  • If you're posting them here or linking to an upload, zip your files and check them with virustotal.
    You may include a link to a virustotal report, but it's not mandatory. We just can't have wild .exe's floating about spreading evil.
  • It's assumed we're working from Windows, but other platforms, including Linux, Mac and mobile utilities are welcome!
    This includes native-platform things, like NES/FC audio engines and players.
  • It probably goes without saying, but the focus is mainly on NES music creation.
    While cross-platform tools (such as Deflemask) are welcome, they should be pertinent to NES music creation and production, and specifically in/from FamiTracker.
    Example: GXSCC is out, DAW's with 'chiptune' plugins don't count, and while a VST or similar plugin with accurate 2A03 emulation is okay, it's not strictly FamiTracker-related.
Mods and staff carry full judgment over the rules of the site, not me.

Anyway, I'll start this off.

  • SNES SPC700 Player, Windows, 133kb - It plays back SPC700 (i.e., SNES) music in .spc format, and has very useful features such as speed/pitch controls, a playlist, spc register debug, and channel mute.
    Note: This does not support ".rsn" archives natively, but you can open them in 7-Zip/Winrar, or rename the extension to .rar, and extract the folder.
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Re: Companion utilities/resources thread!

Postby PostApocolyptica » Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:34 pm

Is this not just a rehash of this thread?

The software is called "FamiTracker". Capitalise both the "F" and the "T"!
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Re: Companion utilities/resources thread!

Postby sirocyl » Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:39 pm

That thread's specifically things for covers.
I'm talking, in general. Anything from DMC editors to NSF players, converters, patchers, NES sound engines, the whole bit.

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Re: Companion utilities/resources thread!

Postby James_S » Thu Aug 13, 2015 4:09 pm

NSFPlay Synthesia, a nsfplayer with a piano roll similar to synthesia which is helpful for recordings and a nsf player, and sometimes to visualize what you are making.

also the url is 4220 blaze it lol
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