Low quality sound with lag.

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Re: Low quality sound with lag.

Postby Scooblee » Wed Nov 25, 2015 7:27 pm

You mean to tell me that I was doing the exact opposite of what was supposed to be done the whole time?

Wow... thanks for that! I always wondered how I could get rid of that underrun prompt, and now I get it.
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Re: Low quality sound with lag.

Postby ollaxe » Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:01 pm

SamW wrote:Consider actually lowering the sound buffer. My experience with FT has led me to believe you want as short a buffer as possible for best performance - I don't get any underruns when at 60-70ms, but when I dare put it at 90ms it underruns like mad.

If that doesn't work, though, it's probably a bug inside FT.

I inspected this a bit closer, and it seems certain intervalls preform worse or simply don't work. Which these are seems to depend on what sample rate you have. For instance, 20 and below doesn't or barely works at sample rates above 44100 Hz, and 71-79 underrun a lot on 96000 Hz. These intervalls don't underrun on sample rate 22050 Hz and 11025 Hz. That's at least how it is on my older computer, I haven't tested it on the newer one yet, but I know that 1-20 doesn't work on 44100 Hz there either.
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