Another blanked .ftm file...

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Another blanked .ftm file...

Postby Stratelier » Thu Apr 07, 2016 5:07 am

Actually this is the first time I've witnessed it firsthand, but a song I recently started working on just got blanked.

The FTM filesize is still 14kb, just as I left it, but viewing the file in a hex editor shows ... a whole lot of 0000s. Basically just the standard .ftm section headers, then minus any actual song (pattern, frame, instrument) data. What the blank happened to it during the save? I'm not asking how do I get the file back (I know better), but . . . how exactly does stuff like this happen? Conceptually speaking, I mean.

Apparently it happened around 1:30PM my time (judging by the timestamp on the file), however I'm at a loss for anything unusual that might have occured to trigger it. And while there've been scattered reports here and there of .ftm files getting blanked, they're usually associated with an application/system crash, and this one wasn't. (minor edit - I did give my system an unexpected cold reboot at approx. 1:30PM today, however the system was running mostly fine. It was having problems with my wifi router at the time, but that is not news nor related, because FT was not running when I cycled the power. And I have no further useful info on this.)

Nonetheless, attached is the .ftm file for posterity. Yes, I know all its data has been wiped.
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