Channel interruption

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Channel interruption

Postby PinoBatch » Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:16 am

The 2A03-only NSF in another topic was made with another engine. It has an ostinato stealing pulse 1 from the lead, with the lead's decay continuing behind the notes in front of it. I tried to cover it in FamiTracker, and I came close with MMC5. It'd be a perfect cover if only there were an engine feature to have MMC5 pulses interrupt 2A03 pulses.

The other common use of interruption is drum and bass. But that's a bit easier to do in FamiTracker, as there are usually only two distinct tones that need to be played (kick and snare) and no need for a volume envelope to resume from the middle. Fixed arpeggio doesn't do so hot when the note to be played isn't fixed, there are nine different notes in this ostinato, and the envelope's decay continues.

It was suggested elsewhere to use Gxx and a set of different instruments with rows at each offset from the start of the note, but that gets very tedious very fast. The other engine's model is more similar to the MMC5 model, with interruption being a separate track.

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