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Two suggestions

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:28 am
by za909
I couldn't think of a better title because my two requests have zero to do with eachother.
1. Make a special value for fixed arps, like KEY or something, which allows you to include the currently pressed key from the pattern in the sequence.
Example: K K 32 31 29 28 This would play the note from the pattern for two frames and then make the drum sound. You could also interrupt your fixed arp with the pressed key like this: 32 31 K 29 28

2. An effect pair, which works much like Qxy and Rxy, but instead of sliding with the register values, these should slide whole notes, like you can do on a piano.

Re: Two suggestions

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:06 pm
by Stratelier
HertzDevil maintains a fork of FT that supports option #1 (edit: for absolute arps at least). Define an absolute arpeggio sequence like 0 0 x x y y and any time you use the 0xy effect on that instrument, it will play the instrument's arp sequences using the values specified by the effect.

As for the second one, I don't see much practical difference between whether a slide is note based or pitch based. True there is one difference in that pitch based slides are not chromatic, but across the typical slide length the difference is not notable.

Re: Two suggestions

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:15 pm
by HertzDevil
Please do not make false claims about programs you do not use. There is no way one can do that with fixed arpeggio sequences, but see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=173&p=1112#p1112.

Re: Two suggestions

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:48 am
by Stratelier
HertzDevil wrote:There is no way one can do that with fixed arpeggio sequences...

Oops, I did miss the "fixed" part. What can I say, it was morning, I was groggy.

And yeah, it's kind of the point that a fixed arp does not incorporate any relation to the key or note being played (except for reverting to said note once the arp has finished).