EZNSF tool for building NES ROM from NSF

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EZNSF tool for building NES ROM from NSF

Postby rainwarrior » Tue Dec 06, 2016 1:43 am

I had a really bad bout of insomnia over the weekend, so I decided to get around to making a tool that I'd promised a long time ago.

EZNSF is intended to make it easy to turn an NSF into a ROM you can play in an emulator or on a flash cart, etc.

Basically just make an NSF with Famitracker, edit a little album description text file, run the utility, and out pops a ROM. The default mapper is the newish Mapper 31, which makes NSF bankswitching possible to support. Several good emulators, as well as the Everdrive N8 now support mapper 31, but there is also an NROM output option for those that need it.


There's a lot more explanation in the readme file. Everything's open source. It requires Python 3.