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New tunes for a few different games

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:16 am
by jaxcheese
Hey all,
Haven't posted music here in a while, but I have been quite busy. I've been working with a few different developers on a few games. They all warrant different styles but I've been able to work with Famitracker in a few cases, and since I've returned the forum to check up on the TFIV cover project, I've been meaning to post a few here so you guys can see what I've been up to.
"legend maker bossa.ftm" and "legend maker title.ftm" both use a VRC7+MMC5 setup which is meant to evoke a Genesis/PC-98 feel. They're for the game Legend Maker, an action-rpg maker game that's going to be starting fundraising pretty soon. More about that over here.
"six cave.ftm" uses 2A03 and pretty simplistic instruments for an early NES style. They're for an Undertale fangame called Codename S.I.X.; I'm doing the majority of the tunes for that one in pxtone, but like UT's soundtrack it uses a variety of sounds. More about that one here.
"on-yan title.ftm" uses a N165 configuration loosely based on Virtual Boy specs. It's a simple, short tune that sort of mimics the Kirby style. I'm probably making some mistakes here in terms of both VB emulation and N165 usage; I have very little experience with either. Work has just begun on this one so there's no info about the game out there yet.
Thanks for listening!