~~Challenge~~ Rework an Old song you composed!!

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~~Challenge~~ Rework an Old song you composed!!

Postby LokiStriker » Thu Nov 03, 2016 4:11 am

//Where the idea came from - Not the actual challenge//
So I got this idea a while ago.
I had this song I had made on my first days of Famitracker and after a year of being in and out of it, I reworked it, feeling much better on it.
But this is when the old forum was still a thing (Meaning, a really long time ago)
Since then, my laptop I had been working all my FTM's went to hell and couldn't boot up. Luckily I saved a few that I send some friends and else...
That was december last year. Since then I've worked on VCR7 almost religiously and been developing my own style on the FTracker platform.
One of those songs I saved was "Main Theme V2", the rework of my old song. This song was on VCR6, and honestly, It wasn't what I remembered...
...so! I decided to remake it in VCR7, and so I did, "Main Theme V3" is the new version...
It got me thinking on how we compose at our early stages and never really comeback to those songs, the just get old and dont age all that well...
So I though we might have like a little challenge as composers... Take an old song you've done, one of your firsts if possible, and remake it.

~~~~~The Actual Challenge~~~~~
Given than you've been composing for a while now, most likely you have songs that you've forgotten or just decided to forget over how "bad" they were,
The challenge come in like that. Take one of your earliest works and redo it, taking the essence of the song and take it to another level.
See this as practice and to realize we can polish old works and bring them back...
You can remake the old song, and extend it, change pitch, anything really.
The main objective is to take the motiv or feeling of the song and remake it into something you could feel more proud of.

Ive done my own examples of a course of three years (or more... not sure on that one) that I've been in and out of FamiTracker.
The First File is the V1, really crappy in all honesty, but it was one of my firsts works.
V2 I get around using more volume control and tweaking around the Vxx effect either on the 20A3 or the VCR6
V3 is the whole song redone for VCR7 and more effects, now that I knew how to use them (at least some more).

I hope you all enjoy the challenge and give it a try so you can keep improving your own music!
Keep FamiTracking!

And if you are interested on my work, Im gonna keep redoing some of my early stuff.
I will have something up pretty soon.
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Re: ~~Challenge~~ Rework an Old song you composed!!

Postby Tobikomi » Thu Nov 03, 2016 10:45 pm

Island's Breeze Rearranged.ftm
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Island's Breeze.ftm
ORIGINAL [4-N163] 2015
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Re: ~~Challenge~~ Rework an Old song you composed!!

Postby Quirby64 » Fri Nov 04, 2016 10:30 pm

Took an older song I made quickly and spent actual time on it this time.
(Both are Beta Modules, btw)
Free Drivin'.ftm
Old Version (Feb. 2016)
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