Skellboy Complete Soundtrack (VRC6) 0.5b (actually 0CC-FT now)

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Skellboy Complete Soundtrack (VRC6) 0.5b (actually 0CC-FT now)

Postby Bjoern the Smexy » Sun Nov 13, 2016 6:33 pm

EDIT (5th Sep '17): I uploaded a new version with an additional credits song and lots of sound effects.
I added the sound effects so people can learn how to create 8bit style sound effects with FamiTracker by analysing it, but I have to ask you to not use these sound effects in your own game or creations, please. Thank you.

So I made a soundtrack for a game.

It's called Skellboy and was made for an apocalypse themed game jam.
You're playing a skeleton called "Skellboy" who sets out to find the evil Necromancer who kidnapped the Princess.

Sadly our programmer was unable to finish on time and everything had to be cobbled together from what we had.

The soundtrack however came out complete.

I was only given a few tasks:
Themeing. Create one melody, reuse it for the different situations and locations, make it sound awesome and earworm-y and do it within a week.

And so I did.
I wrote a little catchy tune that popped into my head as soon as I saw the first animated gameplay scenes of the game and that became the main theme throughout the whole game.

So here's the Skellboy soundtrack with all its used and unused songs!
The used songs are:
#1. Skellboy! (The Title Theme)
#3. Once upon a die (The Intro Theme)
#4. Skeleton Hop Clop (The Castle Theme) << This is the main theme of the game and also the first song I did for the soundtrack
#6. Those Trees Have Eyes (The Forest Theme)

These songs went unused:
#2. Start! (Soundeffect when starting a new game)
#5. Skeleton Chop Chop (The Castle/Tutorial Boss Theme)
#7. Grave Situations (old) (The Old And Generally Disliked Graveyard Theme)
#8. Grave Situations (The Actual Graveyard Theme)
#9. Grave Assassinations (The Graveyard/Final Boss Theme) << My favorite one. I tried creating something close to Metal with FamiTracker and in my opinion I succeeded!

And if you wanna hear some early concepts of almost every song, check out this game's playlist on my soundcloud (The Track "Grave Situations" is different from what is in the FTM file because I edited one part a few days after I uploaded it on Sound Cloud and couldn't be assed to re-upload the song).

Words cannot describe how sad I am that so much of the soundtrack went unused. But at least the team is planning a more complete version of the game where most if not all of the unused music will actually be used (with the exception of "Grave Situations (old)". Nobody liked it, except me, so here it is).

I hope you enjoy the soundtrack! I definitely do. I consider it one of my best works so far.

Oh, and if anyone wants to use the instruments and sound effects used in this FTM file, go right ahead. No need to ask for permission.

Had to remove the download link to the game, since we're actually close to releasing this game on the Switch and Steam.
Music copyrights are held by me so if you wanna download this early version of the not-complete soundtrack, go ahead, no worry. The soundtrack itself will be made available either on launch day or shortly after.
Spoiler: The soundtrack still has some unused songs, but all of the songs in this early version were updated and used in the final game. Except for "Grave Situations (old)". Because it actually sucks.
That's all. Hope you enjoy!
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Re: Skellboy Complete Soundtrack (VRC6) 0.5b

Postby Tobikomi » Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:27 pm

I fucking love this.
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Re: Skellboy Complete Soundtrack (VRC6) 0.5b

Postby MegaByte » Sun Nov 13, 2016 10:23 pm

I love this!
This is one of the best soundtracks I've heard!
Heheh funny

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Re: Skellboy Complete Soundtrack (VRC6) 0.5b

Postby FloppyDisk » Sun Nov 13, 2016 10:34 pm

I've only listened to the title so far, but I can already tell this is great work!
I hope you can post a link to the game, I'd like to see it!
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Re: Skellboy Complete Soundtrack (VRC6) 0.5b

Postby Bjoern the Smexy » Mon Nov 14, 2016 7:01 am

Glad to see you like it!
Makes me happy that others can enjoy it. :D

As for a link to the game, I'll edit one into the OP. If a mod thinks it's not appropriate to link it, I will remove the link again, though.

I also just remembered that for the track "Those Trees Have Eyes" I actually streamed its creation via Twitch.
You can watch the recording here. It's still completely in German, though. I basically made it as some kind of Tutorial of how to use FamiTracker, so it takes a while to get going, but you can see all the different stages the song goes through.

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Re: Skellboy Complete Soundtrack (VRC6) 0.5b

Postby The Caller » Mon Nov 14, 2016 10:39 am

This soundtrack is superb! I really like the whole spooky theme going on, it's very Halloween-y.

Incredible job!

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Re: Skellboy Complete Soundtrack (VRC6) 0.5b

Postby LokiStriker » Tue Nov 15, 2016 1:57 am

This is... god...
Im swoon by this soundtrack...
"Once upon a die was" my favorite till that intro of "Grave Situations II" was set... and then the watlz... man...
I'd love seeing this game done!
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Re: Skellboy Complete Soundtrack (VRC6) 0.5b

Postby Strate » Tue Nov 15, 2016 8:10 pm

I really like this soundtrack. I especially enjoyed how you used the triangle channel near the beginning of Grave Assassinations.

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Re: Skellboy Complete Soundtrack (VRC6) 0.5b

Postby Seanba » Wed Nov 16, 2016 4:13 am

This is pretty awesome.

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Re: Skellboy Complete Soundtrack (VRC6) 0.5b

Postby Bjoern the Smexy » Tue Nov 22, 2016 3:07 pm

Seriously, thank you for all the kind words!
I'm very moved by how much you seem to like it :')

That said, we started polishing the game now, which means adding the missing areas, squishing those nasty bugs and making everything better and more beautiful.
Not only does that mean for me to write some extra songs (there will be at least one additional area that leads up to the Graveyard) but I also get to create some 8bit sound effects!
So look forward to a new FTM file some time in the future :)