[2A03] - Driller's Dream ~ Hacked Dream

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[2A03] - Driller's Dream ~ Hacked Dream

Postby Drillimation » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:10 pm

Heya drillers!

Looks like this is my first original song, and this is for an indie arcade shmup I'm making. This song is intended to be a leitmotif for a game series called Chuhou Joutai (the name translates to "the middle state"). The song title is based on the titular character, Susumu Takajima (although the characters in-game call him Driller), a hacker trying to find the information of an evil mastermind. The gameplay will be a combination of Touhou Project and Bloons Tower Defense, with the Touhou mechanic being the bullet hell-inspired patterns and the BTD mechanic being the health system and damage varying on bullet color.

In addition, the music will not just be NES by default, the music will also have the option to play it from an AdLib/SoundBlaster card or a Roland MIDI module (mainly the MT-32 and SC-55).

If there are any other original songs you want me to compose, tell me!
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