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MMPC [FINAL] - The Last Blast: Intro Stage, Crorq Battle, Title Screen, Victory, Got Weapon, Map, Ending [2a03] + vid

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:40 pm
by blastvortex
The latter's been mostly done for a good while, just waiting for nitpicking and fudging around to stop. The former got mostly done today. Handy since they involve some similar stuff that the other tracks don't use, and I can bloody stop hiding it now.... Don't know what people are going to think of that. Hell, I don't even know what to call the dang thing. I still think it sounds closer to a splash cymbal than anything else, but who knows. *shrug* Two down, four to go. Now if I could just feel comfortable with that one track....

[edit] Been trying to find the glitch that makes the volume in Pulse 2 skyrocket during that echo in Opening Stage. Thought I had it, but no luck. Bugger. If someone could help with that, I'd be obliged, otherwise I guess I'll just leave it as is (though with the fixed instrument issue). It appears I've got no idea what causes that.

MMPC02 - Opening Stage.ftm
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MMPC13 - Crorq Battle.ftm
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Posting most of the rest. There's only a two or three tracks left to finish, although only one is even marginally close (or I keep telling myself that). Just secondary stuff, except for the Title Screen I guess, and even that one's short and to the point. Probably will actually bump for the last few since I'm gonna be moving home near the end of the week, or at least that's the plan. Not much to move, fortunately, but still gotta get situated.

MMPC01 - Title Screen.ftm
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MMPC09 - Boss Defeated.ftm
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MMPC10 - Got Weapon & Password.ftm
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Posting the last couple, I guess. I still think that the Ending/Credits tune could use a bridge, but will have to do without. I did do a number on the noise track though, so it's rather different from the WIP I posted before. The other is a Map Screen tune. Kinda rubbish IMO, but I've been kinda stymied on that one from the beginning, without ripping off one of the old ones wholesale, anyway. Attached the full OST as well. Why? Not sure, but why the hell not? What's done is done. There's no turning back now. Once more, unto the breech....

MMPC11 - Map Screen.ftm
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MMPC14 - Ending & Credits.ftm
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Well, got the (music) video version up. I realized I misspelled "maniacal" after upload, but whatevs. What's done is done. Want to move on to something else. Thanks to all who enjoyed listening and/or critiquing. Here's the link:

Re: MMPC [Updated] - Intro Stage, Crorq Battle, Title Screen, Victory, Got Weapon [2a03]

Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 4:31 am
by TheJuanCarlos64
Mega Man Is not a Sound Engine.

Re: MMPC [Updated] - Intro Stage, Crorq Battle, Title Screen, Victory, Got Weapon [2a03]

Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 1:17 pm
by blastvortex
LOL. I can't tell if that's a dig at the splash cymbal-ish thing or the kinda train-ish thing going in the Title Theme (sound engine = train engine?). Either way, I understand your concern. I wouldn't put it in if I weren't confident that it didn't fit the scheme. The splash was only supposed to be for Crorq's Battle. Being used for anything outside of that still feels kinda wrong to me, but I still make an argument for the fit, and the obvious reference at the end of Opening Stage (which I realized I could squeeze in, and totally fits character, after the fact). Sorry if it feels like Rockman abuse.

[edit] Unless you mean it's just too far removed from the official stuff. Then I would simply have to humbly disagree. Like... I had a number of things in mind when I did each off-generic (Victory, Stage Start, Got Weapon, etc).