[2A03] - Dusky Eclipse

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[2A03] - Dusky Eclipse

Postby Drillimation » Thu Aug 17, 2017 2:43 pm

Heya drillers with another original by The Drillimation Guy!

This is a song intended to appear in my indie shmup, Chuhou Joutai. Although my other songs weren't that great, this one should be better. It's longer than the others. This song is also intended to be a stage theme, and of course, you'll be facing a boss with a cool theme to it! If you have suggestions, drop it in a reply below!

I styled it to make it something that you would've heard in Touhou 8: Imperishable Night. I originally intended to write the song in C Minor, but I secretly couldn't when I hit an A instead of A Flat. Originally, the song would've used the melody used in the Dreamworks logo, but a nighttime melody came out instead. Of course, I needed to have some action in this song, so I expanded it to make it look like a game tune.

Of course, the game makes a connection to the plot of Chuhou Joutai and the Touhou Project universe:

Set in 2004 in the fictional country of Kozangei, which is modern-day Gensokyo. The country has been ruled for the past three centuries by the Kirisame bloodline. Formerly called The Gensokyo Colony, the name was changed to Kozangei after they declared independence from the Japanese and Swedish rule in 1809. Upon independence, Kozangei was split into two districts: Eastern Minecraftia, ruled by the Swedish, and Western Minecraftia, ruled by the Japanese.

Right now, Eastern Kozangei is experiencing an eternal eclipse from evil black-hat computer hacking group called Team Crimson. Team Crimson gets stronger at night, and Team Crimson is doing this to empower their army. Before entering the hacking scene, Team Crimson was mainly comprised of terrorists called Crimsonites, who are followers or members of the group. The group is ruled by a widowed man named Frederic Fawkes, whose wife, Hanayo Katsuragi, died after she gave birth to her one and only son, Jack Fawkes.

As a result of the eclipse, and even though it's daytime in Kozangei, the heat and wind slowly begin to die out. Food and water are no longer plentiful, as a result of this. With nobody able to resolve the problem, there is only one person for the job: enter 14-year-old Susumu Takajima, who calls himself Driller (a reference to Mr. Driller), who is a musician and internet enthusiast with magical talent. With his skill, he must crush Frederic Fawkes and bring Kozangei back to normal!

Hope you enjoy!
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