MMPC3 - Wave Man, Torch Man [2a03] (last edit)

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MMPC3 - Wave Man, Torch Man [2a03] (last edit)

Postby blastvortex » Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:32 am

NOTE TO MODS: These are not Battle Network or main-series characters, but characters from the PC-only games. There is no music to cover. They're in the right category.

Well, now that's out of the way... I wasn't really intending to get to this so soon (originally, I wasn't going to at all), but out of lack of better things to do, and despite working on other projects at the same time, why not? Though most of the spots are already full of stuff other people did--meaning reworks n' stuff will have to go in the covers section anyway, iirc--there are a few clear spots for me to fill, namely...

MMPC18 - Wave Man.ftm
(17.11 KiB) Downloaded 96 times

MMPC19 - Torch Man.ftm
(15.59 KiB) Downloaded 94 times

(Y'know, I've always found it strange though... In Torch Man's stage, you run around a bunch of filthy, watery sewers. In Wave Man's stage, you're running around a burning, sinking ship, but without bridging any water hazards. How much sense does that make?)

[edit] Okay, the other four robot masters are up, but posted in the covers section. They were written by other blokes, but never NSF'd, so (1) listen to mp3s, (2) transcribe, (3) ... (4) something, something, dun. Just makin' sure I don't get my butt chewed.

[last edit] Okay, both related videos are up. It's all six robot masters, but these two are mixed in. It's the last one of the first video (at 5:23) and the first one of the second video. The rest are from mods I posted in the covers section because reasons.