Boss Theme Thing AKA. Messing With The MMC5 Channel

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Boss Theme Thing AKA. Messing With The MMC5 Channel

Postby MrNorbert1994 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:00 am

So, I normally don't compose at all, (because I'm not that good of a composer to begin with) instead I (re)rip stuff from commerical games over at NesDev.
However I thought today to do something different (make something that doesn't sucks).

Here is a composition that was inspiried by the majority of the TOSE drivers and I guess Suzuki Yausuki (however they never used the expansion channel at least not the MMC5).

This is a pitifully short tune, but I guess it could fit into a boss battle or something.
Boss Fight Inspired By A Combiantion Of The TOSE Driver And Something Else.ftm
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