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Lucerno: The Dark Lantern - Outskirts + New Boss

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:56 pm
by Kwalla
Please critique. I probably made about 10 songs trying to figure out a tone for the one level I will use as the demo for my game. This is the level music and re-worked boss music. I aimed to avoid muddiness and wanted to achieve clarity. I wanted it to be solid and not over embellished. I also made a bunch of changes to the Stage Boss music as well as added a breakdown variation of how it starts so I don't kill the energy of the music when it loops around. It adds a bit more length to it and I think it's okay for this. I don't want the boss music to be way too long anyways since this is a 2D action side scroller of sorts. Not a final fantasy game. Thanks in advance!