Dramatic Chant

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Dramatic Chant

Postby Chickin-Nin-Kin » Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:17 pm

I was trying to see if I could make something kinda complex using only two instruments and I ended up making this. It seems solid enough to share so I hope you enjoy it :)
Dramatic Chant.ftm
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Re: Dramatic Chant

Postby RavenousSoothing » Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:49 pm

Hey there, welcome to the forums! One suggestion before I move to the music (you can edit your post to fit this), when people post stuff, we generally also put the mod chip used in the title. So
Dramatic Chant
(VRC6) Dramatic Chant
Just so you know.
Now, this piece has good potential. While it isn't too complex (I will give you a break there, as you only said "kinda"), it does a good job at being cool. However, I was kinda disappointed that it just kinda "ended." Yes, it shouldn't go on forever (it obviously would go with a cutscene, if it were made for some game), but maybe try a final resolving chord with a long fadeout. This isn't the best, but I did try adding something like that, which you can download at the bottom of this.
Another idea is to just have it loop, which i also added, in another version. This would make it like an area theme, almost (if you ever use this for a game, don't actually make it an area theme. It would get old.)
This is great, and it can be made better, or surpassed. Keep making stuff, and improve!
PS: This might be nitpicking, but name your instruments. It doesn't change the important part (the sound), but it makes weirdos like me happy.
Dramatic Chant.ftm
with looping.
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Dramatic Chant.ftm
with fadeout, kinda.
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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN1Bwv ... vViHGRrjGw

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