MMPC - Final Ending? [2a03]

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MMPC - Final Ending? [2a03]

Postby blastvortex » Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:43 am

Nothing overly special. Just a silly little bit I finally bothered to come up with to finish off a project I was working on a while ago. One loop and done for a set sequence, kinda like Mega Man 2, though I'm not sure I really even want the noise track at all (for anything more a place to dump the Fxx effect for speed and slow down, like I usually do). Hence, the second track with only that there. Kinda hoping a few people might drop me a line saying if one is really preferable over the other.

MMPC24 - Final Ending.ftm
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Eventually did go with the Noise Version with the video, although I posted a recording and NSF of the noiseless version on my web as an "extra". I do still kinda like it better, but sticking it in with the rest of the album NSF just muddied things up and made it sound strange. Anyway... "music" video link (includes a few other tunes, and beware of amateurish editing):