Forsaken Legends [VRC6]

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Forsaken Legends [VRC6]

Postby The Caller » Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:55 pm

So this is an alternative version of Corrupt Encounters, another song of mine. That song is in the .ftm file, if you're curious.

Actually, there's a total of three songs in the .ftm file, but Corrupt Encounters and Dark Garden Elite are two old songs of mine I already posted here in the forums. I've worked them a bit since then, but nothing too extravagant. So Forsaken Legends is the only important song here.

I know I posted a song, like, yesterday here, but when it comes to making songs at a fast rate, I'm like Jazza.

Obnoxious but consistent.

Anyway, enough bullcrap. Enjoy, and as always, feedback is welcome.
Dark Garden [VRC6].ftm
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