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[20A3] 11 theme songs + more of varied completion rate for 1 or 2 linked games

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:41 pm
by WheelInventor
Hey guys, long time no see. I've secretly been working on an NES homebrews' soundtrack, but there's no need for the secrecy anymore because it's not part of a compo at this point. So i present to you 11 more or less finished songs and some extra duds for a game (possibly 2, actually) with a gothic fantasy setting.

I was hoping to get some critique on this as it's a sort of halfway point. They rely on being portable to a driver that is much more limited than famitrackers'. No volume channel, and in the end result, no fx (but there will be looping to specified points). There's also some other technicalities, but anyway...

To help you make an assessment, and to offer some insight into the process which i hope might be inspirit to maybesomeone, who knows, here's my process:

-hum, sing or sometimes play into a dictaphone, often when taking a walk, working, etc. My dictaphone app pretty much fills my phone at this point, so there's a seemingly endless supply of embryos to pick from which i've collected over the last year.
-transcribe those notes into famitracker, often resulting in a bar or two. those are called scraps
-alternately, turn off recording and play on the keys like a keyboard until something sticks. record that. also sorted as "scraps".
-Some scraps turn out terrible. Some terrible scraps turn out pretty ok when worked on further. Nothing's too good right from the start in my experience.
-combine scraps that are good enough into "WIP":s
-when they feel at least 90% done, promote them to the top of the track list. At this point they should sound at least "good enough".
-(not done yet) - create a few rearrangements or medleys of 100% done songs
-goal: make many more songs than are actually needed for the game, then select those that fit certain scenarios the best. A bit like how traditional music album studio production is made.

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Adding in some graphics teasers (also wip) for the two projects so you have something to look at while listening:

Side scrolling game:


Both set in the same universe.

Re: [20A3] 11 theme songs + more of varied completion rate for 1 or 2 linked games

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:06 am
by Joblez_I
To be honest, I didn't go in with the highest hopes for this ost, but listening to it, it turned my opinion around and then some. For a homebrew NES game, it sounds pretty decent, and feels appropriate for the games they may potentially play in. Personal favorite track is 'i undied one morning when the sun didn't shine i grabbed my shovel and went to the mine'

Re: [20A3] 11 theme songs + more of varied completion rate for 1 or 2 linked games

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:31 am
by WheelInventor
Thanks! :) Haha, i didn't exactly sell it, did i? "duds"... "varying completion".. and so on.

I suppose that one is the most elaborate one (to the point i can't stand listening to it any more... need some distance and let my ears rest from it).

Anyway, i thought it might be of more value to discuss a project that's reached the halfway milestone rather than just show and tell something completely finished (allthough i'll probably return with newer versions/the finished soundtrack, eventually).