Isometry (MMC5; unofficial 2A03)

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Isometry (MMC5; unofficial 2A03)

Postby PinoBatch » Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:10 am

Years ago, I wrote a short instrumental piece using OpenMPT, intended for use in an exercise routine, but didn't publish it. This is an arrangement of my piece in FamiTracker and in another engine.

This NSF was not generated from this FTM. The FTM is MMC5, while the NSF is 2A03-only, playing both 2A03 pulse 1 (chords) and MMC5 pulse 1 (ostinato) tracks through the 2A03 pulse 1 channel. Its engine allows a melodic track to interrupt pulse 1 the way triangle drums interrupt the bass line.

This'd be so much easier if FT supported interruption. I'm about to put in a request.
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