Can Someone Make This Better?

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Electric Cero
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Re: Can Someone Make This Better?

Postby Electric Cero » Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:07 am

After receiving some helpful information from TheNoobHunter, I went and finished v7.

Here it is...
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Mega Bruh X
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Re: Can Someone Make This Better?

Postby Mega Bruh X » Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:03 pm

Electric Cero wrote:
TheNoobHunter wrote:V6 definitely sounds better, but the amount of repetition and dissonant tones kinda ruins the song for me. I'd say pick a scale and stick to it. I think it would sound better if it had more of a melody as well. It sounds like it's leading up to one but never really goes anywhere

Thank you for the feedback, TheNoobHunter, I can admit that V6 is chaotic, and I'll take your advice and finish V6.
Squidsquif wrote:Lmao I meant to post this awhile ago, but I haven't had time due to school (finals, ugh) and other stuff. Anyways, here is my edit of your song (the first one)! It's not as complex as Mega Bruh X's, but I tried to make some improvements,mainly adding a percussion loop as well as adding the triangle. Let me know if you have questions ;)

Wow, This is awesome! I like the two channel echo in the beginning, it does make it sound like an intro to a cool boss theme.
And here's a question. How do minor scale progressions work? (I already know that major scales progress like: whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half)

EDIT: The reason why I'm asking is because I can't find an example that I can understand on the internet.

Natural minor scales are whole, half, whole, whole, half, whole, whole. There are other kinds of minor scales that progress a little bit differently though.
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Re: Can Someone Make This Better?

Postby » Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:33 pm

Electric Cero wrote:I have finally made a short motif using FamiTracker :lol: . It's my first song so I still have a lot to learn and, I would appreciate some feedback.
(and hopefully a better version of the song!)

And here is a link to the same song but in beepbox with minor changes.

Hey, not sure if that's what you wanted, but i guess it sounds better now, maybe it helps you improve if you want. Oh, and regarding the Feedback, maybe you could or should have a look in the effects table, if you don't like the Default 2A03 Sound, you can open that in the help tab, if you didn't know (allthough you maybe did).
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