Mega Mountain

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Mega Mountain

Postby PinoBatch » Sun Feb 25, 2018 5:23 am

This is the soundtrack I composed for Mega Mountain, an NES port by adrian09_01 (Itch | NESdev | GitHub) of a Windows game by Sylvie about climbing a mountain by sliding up each wall and slowly gliding diagonally to the next wall. The PC game had music ripped from level 1 from Kid Dracula, and I offered my service to replace it.

1. Gameplay
In the style of level 1 from Kid Dracula. I tossed in some cues from the A Boy and His Blob soundtrack and "PARANOiA" from DDR. I called it "Foothills" because when I was called upon to compose it, I had no idea that level 1 was the entire game. (I'm told a fan sequel called Mega Mountain 2100 will be larger in scope.)

2. Intro and ending
In the style of the theme from Forrest Gump, at times quoting the I-bVII-bIII-IV progression of "Lump" by The Presidents (and "Gump" by "Weird Al" Yankovic). But once I mixed in elements from track 1 and added a part where the melody climbs as one climbs a mountain, it became its own thing.

3. Villain's theme
Developer wanted a sound-alike of Galamoth or whatever his name is. Instead I took inspiration from Doom and threw together a rhythm guitar loop in 20 minutes.
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