The Right Hand Gangsta Bot! (2A03+N163)

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The Right Hand Gangsta Bot! (2A03+N163)

Postby Naijeru-Kun » Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:14 am

R-TM87, the very first Ricardo Robot: Number 75, Mathias. Confusing number scheme aside, Mathias is Ricky's right hand bot, and best friend. Originally created to protect Ricky from his younger sister, ironically Mathias ended up being very attracted to the very thing that he was supposed to be fighting against. The strangest part is that Ricardo had absolutely no intention for this to happen when he created Mathias. Mysteriously, almost none of Mathias' personality traits were intended....
The Youtube for Dark Paradise Nigelopia music: ... N1c-pwynjA

An explanation of all this: ... -778549988

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