The Motherly Sister! (2A03+N163)

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The Motherly Sister! (2A03+N163)

Postby Naijeru-Kun » Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:49 pm

So, in Dark Paradise: Nigelopia, at the house addressed 1314 Keychain Lane, Carolina is the woman of the house, and the older sister to Ricky and Juanita. When Ricky was afraid of girls, she would try to comfort him in a way that kept him safe. Yes, during Ricky's time of peril, Carolina was one of the only women who didn't try to take matters into her own hands and "cure" him. She just hoped for the best. And the best eventually did come. Her patience is comparable to that of a parent, for sure.

Her encounter theme is relaxing, nostalgic and comforting. We wanted to emphasize her caring nature and her ability to provide. Thanks for listening, and see you next time! ✌️

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