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IMPORTANT: Regarding "unofficial" modules in the Music section (Please Read)

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2015 2:52 pm
by jrlepage
A lot of debate has taken place lately in regards to "unofficial" FTMs (modules produced using non-official forks of the main FamiTracker program), and opinions on what to do with them seemed to be divided among members of this forums.

My fellow staff members and I have been discussing this, and we have come to the conclusion that this place should not be the host of files which are not compatible with the main branch of the program (whether it be a beta or stable version of the official program). The Cover and Original sections are meant primarily as a gallery of what can be achieved using FamiTracker, and this principle fits right within the idea that this forum is, first and foremost, a support forum for FamiTracker. Moreover, FamiTracker is an active open source project, and everyone is welcome to bring their own additions to the program, whether it be bug fixes, new features, improvements on existing features, etc. It is not a dead project, and therefore forks should be kept separate from the main program as much as possible, starting with the music sharing forums.

So basically, the rule is this: Post modules of official (beta or stable build) modules only. If your track was composed using a different fork of the program, attach an NSF instead (and, optionally, a modified FTM which is compatible in some measure with the official version of FamiTracker). Attaching NSFs is not required when the corresponding FTM is an official module (but welcome regardless).

Existing threads that predate this announcement will be dealt with in the form of a simple written warning in the form of a reply to the thread, with reasonable time given to the OP to comply with this rule.

New threads created after this announcement which do not conform to this new rule will have the module deleted from the attachements (and an explanation will be posted as a reply to the thread). Repeat offenders wlil be formally warned.

As far as modules created using the latest beta version of the program (which, as it stands right now, is incompatible with previous versions of the program) should be labelled as such purely out of courtesy. The forum staff will deal with those on a case-by-case basis.

An updated thread with a complete set of rules will follow shortly. For the time being, please consider this an addendum to the existing ruleset which governed the previous forum.

Thank you for your attention.
~FamiTracker Forum Staff