There Is a Cab Calling (revised) (2A03)

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There Is a Cab Calling (revised) (2A03)

Postby decomposinghorse » Tue Jul 28, 2015 4:58 am

Began work on July 21st, and worked it into a stalemate for a few days. Finished it today unsatisfied with nothing unsatisfied with everything it's all pass. I'm sure it can easily be expanded.

Enjoys in .

EDIT: real men don't get stockholm syndrome

"the dust blows forward 'n' the dust blows back" is performed by captain beefheart and his magic band, from their 1969 album "trout mask replica"
always thought it was a beautiful lyric

FOUR OR FIVE TIMES EDITED: changed the name thoughtlessly

ADD ANOTHER EDIT: moths gathering on the pale, fragile wooden boards hanging outward from the crumbling structure of a dilapidated, decaying crackhouse
throw out the old decorative fruit and deteriorate further in a cab with your new friends

thoms editsin: kid bat crack was wise crack shot
some eccentric in the roses or something

have another one
there's still something else that i want to add to this, but i'll do it when my brain gets back
july 21st, 2015 - $100 million extended support (a third edition).ftm
you check the room for your big sister—but, she's in the hallway.
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july 21st, 2015 - $1 million extended support (edit in the awful bridge section, and beyond).ftm
the dog's body laid a newer gourd
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july 21st, 2015 - extended support.ftm
this is a new gourd
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july 21st, 2015 - fix.ftm
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Re: Cab Calling (2A03)

Postby LarryLarington » Wed Aug 12, 2015 3:05 pm

Really like this! Dig the use of 0xx in the triangle and Zxx in the DPCM. My only comment is that the module can look a little cluttered at time (in terms of your Pxx effects and volume column). It's certainly possible to do it this way, but I just wouldn't want you wasting your time with tedious inputting.

I would recommend becoming more familiar with Axx (volume slide) and 1xx/2xx (pitch sliding). These effects can accomplish a lot of what you're trying to do with sweeps in the volume column and Pxx with much less inputting. Check out the attached ftm in which I edited your pulse 2 in frame 05 with these principles. You do relinquish some of the exact control by working row-by-row, but as you can hear I can get very close to your original sound with less than half the input time.

Just some food for thought! :)
Decomposing Horse Edit.ftm
Check out frame 05 for pulse 2 edits
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