Reconciliation Road Redux (2A03)

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Reconciliation Road Redux (2A03)

Postby Naijeru-Kun » Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:03 pm

Hello, everyone. I'm pretty new to Famitracker; I only started to make modules in April. I've been on the forums since mid-June, and some of you may remember back in June when I put up a module on the forums called "Reconciliation Road." I've gotten a little bit more adept at Famitracker and decided to create a revised version of that track. I think you may agree that its a little more coherent. Why not give it a listen?

Reconciliation Road Redux!.ftm
INB4 2MuchChange
(22.69 KiB) Downloaded 64 times

For reference, here's the original version of this.

OLD Reconciliation Road!.ftm
If you like this version, more power to ya.
(19.87 KiB) Downloaded 43 times

Good times. Thanks for reading/listening!
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Re: Reconciliation Road Redux (2A03)

Postby LarryLarington » Tue Aug 11, 2015 3:11 pm

Hey there! Can definitely see some improvement in your work. It's a personal preference of mine, but extending your module so that more rows correspond to a beat is preferable so that you can add more effects between beats and fine tune volume control. It avoids everything being so squished too. Just aesthetically your redux looks much better to me.

I'm not too sure how I feel about your 04/05/06 instruments in your pulse 2. It sounds like it could use a little more balancing with the pulse 1 lead. I think what could be contributing to that is your volume envelope. It cuts off quite quickly and level off at 4. Because the initial attack and fade away has a HUGE effect on how we perceive dynamics, it feels underwhelming. Think of how compression on a snare or kick drum works. You bring down the volume of the initial strike so that the ENTIRE sample sounds at the same volume, thus bringing up your perception of its volume (with additional gain of course). A similar approach here could help by bringing up the envelope a bit on those instruments.

In terms of structure, your frame 02 feels off to me in terms of phrasing. You have essentially two 8-bar phrases before this frame and this 2-bar transition doesn't work so well given it's length and strange rhyhmic motive. Always think about the grand scheme of your piece.

Good job! Hope my comments helped. I would recommend making a few edits to this piece and then moving on to a new project -- use what you learned writing this piece to make your next one even better. :)
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