Livoh773 - Kahure [Help/Feedback]

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Livoh773 - Kahure [Help/Feedback]

Postby Livoh773 » Wed Aug 12, 2015 9:37 pm

Hi there! Kind of a noob here, good ears but not that good skills... yet :D

I got this track, which I really like but seems my lack of skill doesnt allow me to polish it and make it better. I ran across the point where its not longer fun and feels like a problem I need to solve. After some thinking I think this is what is preventing me from getting it to be want I wish it to be

I wish to do something to go along in the second pulse channel. At first I tried hard with a counter melody but seems to be harder of what I am able to do. After some...unpleasent experiences I tried with some harmony approach. Thing is, It seems like I cant pull off something to go along with the melody and the bass. I want to make it "more" and I am failing at it. I am thinking that maybe the melody line is enough and I should go and try to make it smoother with some effects etc. Its getting very confusing, so I decided that its time to ask for help.

Please have a listen and give me some feedback/ideas of the direction I should take with this one. As for me... I am running out of love for it :? and cant wait to work on a new piece. Which in fact, is what I will try to today sometime.

Help me out guys!

Also, hope my english is not that faulty.
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Re: Need Help/Feedback!! Livoh773 - Kahure

Postby snowolf » Wed Aug 12, 2015 10:45 pm

Hey, that sound great for a beggining!

Here are some ideas included in my edit:

-Frames 02 to 04: I added a very basic arpeggio to add some harmony. It's probably not perfect, but it sounds kinda right. If you want to go that way, you'll need a lot more of instruments, one arpeggio is rarely enough.
-Frame 05: I added a slightly pitched version on the first pulse channel on the second one, so it feels somewhat diffent.
-Frames 08-09: This is a dual channel echo, you just have copy the first channel, delay it and lower the volume a bit.
-Frames 0A-0B: Here is a okey-ish counter melody I made in 10 minutes with a flute-like instrument. I'm sure you can do way better tho.

There's no need to stack full-stop notes, one is enough if you want to stop a channel sound.

I'm also a begginner, so I gonna make way for more experienced composers. Good luck with your track! ;)
Kahure - ideas.ftm
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Re: Need Help/Feedback!! Livoh773 - Kahure

Postby Livoh773 » Fri Aug 14, 2015 12:32 am

-The arpg thing I liked it the very first time it sounded, as a effect or something, then it just sounded kinda weird, but anyways, is a good idea I will try to develop.

-The second half needs to be more interesting. I though that would be the pulse 2 job or something alike.

- I am kind of getting afraid of using counter melodies, they seem to be hard and I don't -feel them- atm, just wish I had them.Like... I am thinking that making some cover songs will help my ear and skills. Like getting the melody, the bass and seeing what else they are actually adding in between... and how did it turned out. Thats the plan now.

I know about the mute stacking thing, just that sometimes I just let them stay there, just because they don't harm....but I get it...Aesthetics.

Thanks for taking the time ! in that regard, I wish I had more "public", seems not too many people are passing by. Guess I can find answers on my own, as always... Oh well, hope to see you in my next inquiry...or help you sometime :).

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