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First Upload - XMen [90's cartoon] theme attempt

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2015 12:35 am
by FuzzyLizard530
So I did this, purely from memory.

It may need a few extra patterns/repeats, but, it is what it is!
After listening to it on Youtube, It needs a LOT more! LOL!

Youtube, for comparison

If you want to suggest some improvements, feel free! All I ask is that you try to be as concise as possible, so that I can learn from it! I'm more of a hands on learner, so simply uploading an improved .ftm won't help as much. That said, if you do upload an .ftm, tell me in-post what you changed!

Thanks in advance!
Sidenote: I figured I've done enough "lurking", and that it's time I, at the very least, try to contribute!