[BETA 0.5] Turrican 2 - Traps (VRC6)

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[BETA 0.5] Turrican 2 - Traps (VRC6)

Postby HyperswordDelta » Tue Jul 11, 2017 6:20 am

It's not like this has never been done before hehehe
My take on a solid and classic tune. It was put aside a long time ago and I finally went back and finished it due to the presence of a music player that could play SNDH files. I may have added things here and there, but that shouldn't matter TOO much...

enjoy, feedback is also an acceptable

fact: i have never played turrican before, i just know the music is good
EDIT: old one may have had some issues, uploading a new and fixed one just in case.
traps, the new.ftm
wow, it's another file
(31.38 KiB) Downloaded 33 times
w o w , i t ' s a f i l e
(29.54 KiB) Downloaded 27 times
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