Sonic Mania - Checkpoint {Unfinished}

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Sonic Mania - Checkpoint {Unfinished}

Postby Klop » Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:30 am

I started this a few weeks ago and pretty dead set on completing it. However, after comparing it to some of the songs on the forum, I just thought of it as lack-luster. So much so, I've even considered changing up my style so I'd rely on 2A03 more heavily from now. But enough of my bickering, if you have any critiques or helpful tips for a amateur such as myself, I'm all ears. :)

P.S Originally the song was made with 0CC, and since I can't upload any files like that, I uploaded it to MediaFire for anyone who wishes to download it

. ... kpoint.0cc

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