MMPC [FINAL] - The Chozo XABY Packet+: Select, Start, Boss, Fortress [2a03]

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MMPC [FINAL] - The Chozo XABY Packet+: Select, Start, Boss, Fortress [2a03]

Postby blastvortex » Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:57 pm

Unfortunately have to post these here as they're not originals. Originally done by Strugglepoo-- aka Chozo XABY (still wish he'd kept his old name...)-- I had to listen to these and by ear painstakingly transcribe them, as I'm pretty sure his originals were just MIDIs he just ran through GXSCC. It sure as hell sounds like it, anyway. (The stuff at the very end of Boss Battle is a rather crude take on some precision work that wouldn't be possible in FamiTracker without blasting through 200 rows in a single frame at speed 1.) Still, the Boss Battle is a very ambitious undertaking and I appreciate both tracks pretty much equally, though I might lean slightly in favour of the Boss Battle. Anyhow, I just wanted to go ahead and get these up. Truth is, he actually put in some bloody fine contributions that put mine to shame, sure enough, and I don't mind sayin'.

MMPC03 - Stage Select.ftm
(5.33 KiB) Downloaded 30 times

MMPC08 - Boss Battle.ftm
(11.88 KiB) Downloaded 34 times

And... the last one's up. Fortress stage of the game. Not many differences from the original, although toms / synth toms re-envisioned as triangle toms. Makes it feel more Mega Man (and because they couldn't be done otherwise anyway). Stage Start isn't really his (generic), but something I'm throwing in anyway because it goes with the Stage Select.

MMPC04 - Stage Start.ftm
(4.25 KiB) Downloaded 18 times

MMPC12 - Crorq Fortress.ftm
(19.25 KiB) Downloaded 19 times

Done with music video version. Thought about bumping, and did, but then thought better of it, got cold feet, and Joe Zawinul didn't offer comfort. Bugger. Hope you enjoy anyway. :)
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