Witch 'Em Up - Jungle (N163)

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Witch 'Em Up - Jungle (N163)

Postby JetStar1997 » Fri Sep 29, 2017 6:39 pm

Apparently, this is one of the popular games on the TIC-80, a fantasy computer. This particular song, made by RushJet1, is my absolute favorite from the game, so I felt like covering it using 6 channels of the N163 chip. I made no attempt to make the song sound just like the original (eg. no arpeggios, different waveforms, etc.). The waveforms come from GXSCC.ftm. Enjoy! (Note, you'll need 0CC-Famitracker because I used the echo buffer, a feature exclusive to 0CC-FT).

The original song can be heard by clicking here.
Witch Em' Up - Jungle (N163).ftm
0CC-FT required
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