߷ ߷ Ridin' Spinners ߷ ߷

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߷ ߷ Ridin' Spinners ߷ ߷

Postby PinoBatch » Sun Nov 19, 2017 4:38 am

A high quality rip of "Korobeiniki" from Tetris

"Ridin' Spinners" is a rap song by Three 6 Mafia from their album Da Unbreakables about spinner rims on cars.

The song became a popular fad on YTMND, where it would be synchronized with GIFs of various things spinning, including an adult video. One example is "Tetris is ridin' spinnaz", which parodies the infinite spin rule in modern Tetris games that Ryan Davis of GameSpot wrote "actually breaks Tetris."

This FTM contains a straight cover of "Korobeiniki" from Tetris for Game Boy, followed by a cover of "Ridin' Spinners" mashed up with "Korobeiniki".
Ridin' Spinners.nsf
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Ridin' Spinners.ftm
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