Eternal Transient (/Short-Lived) Reign [VRC6]

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Eternal Transient (/Short-Lived) Reign [VRC6]

Postby Monochromatism » Mon Jun 29, 2015 2:28 am

I return from many months of deep hibernation, procrastination, and dicking-around... ation with one single song to offer, not counting the several hundred I started then didn't finish.
And it's bad.
Well, the last half is. The first half is okay, I think. The last half is littered with wrong/slightly-right notes that I can't seem to get any closer to right and a vague feeling of emptiness.

Please, tell me what exactly is wrong with it, and how, if possible, to fix it.

Side note: This doesn't actually use any of the beta's new features but it WAS finished in it. I'm not sure how that changes whether older versions can open it. Probably does. Sorry.
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