Tobal No. 1 - Disused Mine (Chuji's theme) (VRC6)

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Tobal No. 1 - Disused Mine (Chuji's theme) (VRC6)

Postby PinoBatch » Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:04 pm

In 1996, Squaresoft released Tobal No. 1, a Tekken clone with characters designed by the artist of Dragon Ball. The game had eight composers, and I don't know which of them was responsible for "Disused Mine" (Chuji's theme). Nearly 10 years ago, I covered that piece in ModPlug Tracker. Yesterday I remade it in 0CC-FT, and today I ported it to FT 0.4.6.

You'll notice it's in a different key from the original (A♭ major instead of C minor) to force a different interpretation of the tritone that forms the basis for the lead. It also uses VRC6 and DPCM, which aren't my usual style but which I found necessary for recreating the original's "wall of sound" feel. Sorry, Blue Öyster Cult fans, but I had to leave out the cowbell.

Two difficulties I had when backporting it to vanilla FT were the lack of grooves (notice the repeating F09/F06 to swing the grid) and the lack of linear pitch. In 0CC-FT (and in ModPlug), there's an option to change vibrato and portamento to behave as if all semitones were the same distance apart, rather than high pitches (2A03, MMC5, VRC6) or low pitches (FDS, N163, VRC7, S-DSP) being closer together.
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