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"Dark Halls" (E1M3) from Doom (and the story of NEDM)

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:21 pm
by PinoBatch
This is a cover of "Dark Halls" (E1M3) from Id Software's Doom (1993) (listen on YouTube). As with the rest of Doom's soundtrack, it was inspired by metal music of the time. After hearing RavenousSoothing's VRC7 cover, I decided to see what the 2A03 alone could do wi--NEDM

We interrupt this program with a story about a controversy involving a different song from the Doom soundtrack. One user of the website YTMND ("B") created a page syncing "Sweet Little Dead Bunny", from the ending of Doom, to a video clip of a caged housecat being burned alive that had been taken from the website Ogrish (the predecessor of LiveLeak). The page was removed after a few hours, but not before another user ("TG") looked through the list of users who liked the page and disliked all their pages. When one victim of this downvote retaliation ("S") saw what was going on, he explained to TG that he had liked the cat-burning page only for the irony of using "SLDB". TG reversed the downvotes on S's pages and left a reply: "Still... nothing justifies 5'ing burning kittens. Not even Doom music." The term "NEDM" on YTMND has since come to refer to something that nothing justifies liking.

When "NEDM" was popular, many sites on YTMND would set up a situation and then interrupt it with the letters "N-E-D-M" spoken through a synthesized voice followed by a clip of "We Interrupt This Programme (Jean Claude Ades remix)" by Coburn (listen on YouTube). Then it'd cut to a photo of the former mascot of Happy Cat cat food (or some other cat), occasionally with references to animal cruelty prevention, firefighting, and/or ChapStick.

Re: "Dark Halls" (E1M3) from Doom (and the story of NEDM)

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:58 pm
by RavenousSoothing
Not gonna lie, I bust out laughing when it dropped. I also liked the legit part. But...

PinoBatch wrote:After hearing RavenousSoothing's VRC7 cover

"VRC7 Is a wheelchair"

Ouch. :lol: I really liked the cover though. I realized the drums were more accurate than mine too, so nice job.