T-Maxx (2018)

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T-Maxx (2018)

Postby PinoBatch » Mon May 07, 2018 7:04 pm

It's a story of cloning.

Decades ago, Digital made a server called the PDP-11. A company called Electronika, operated by the Ministry of the Electronics Industry in the Soviet Union, cloned the PDP-11/03 as the Electronika 60. In the mid-1980s, Alexey Pajitnov used an Electronika 60 to develop a video game called Tetris. Over the next few years, numerous developers released clones of Tetris, including a popular one for classic Mac OS and Windows 3.1 titled Bricklayer in 1991. Its soundtrack was a musical piece by Peter Wagner titled "T-Maxx". (Listen: MP3 from composer's site) In 2011, Coldplay ended up borrowing what amounts to the entire B section of "T-Maxx" for a song titled "Paradise". (Listen: Lyric video) The lyrics of this song name-check a Konami arcade rhythm game over and over, just as songs by Beyoncé and Jordin Sparks name-check their favorite first-person shooter series.

(In June 2012, the hammer finally came down on Tetris clones, with a U.S. district court judge ruling in Tetris v. Xio that The Tetris Company owns exclusive rights in the use of the set of pieces made of 4 square blocks in a falling block game.)

So anyway:

This 2A03 cover of "T-Maxx" (and "Paradise") was originally intended for the next Famicompo. But then I realized a few things.

  1. Famicompo Pico 4 might not be until September per @retrodpc's Tweet. That's quite a while to keep an arrangement under lock and key.
  2. I had already covered "T-Maxx" well over a decade ago using NerdTracker II, as track 3 of Opentris.nsf, and the similarity of my approaches might out me as the author. That's a big no-no under Famicompo rules, which require entrants to keep their entries' authorship confidential until voting has ended. So if I'm porting my old NT2 works to FamiTracker to improve their sound design, as I did for "Mouser" and "SPEED" from dy-covers.nsf, I probably shouldn't enter them into Famicompo.
  3. I got docked points for the arp spam in my Famicompo Pico 3 entries. I tried by limiting myself to two distinct notes (e.g. 0CC not 07C) for most arpeggios, especially those whose envelope sustains, but that still might not be enough.

So instead, I'll be entering a cover of "██████████" by ██████████, and you get to hear my "T-Maxx" cover now if you have five minutes.
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